Export data from SAP® and prepare it automatically

SmartExporter is the software solution for exporting and automatically processing data from SAP®. It offers all users simple and flexible access to all relevant data of an SAP® system. With SmartExporter, not only tables can be read out, but also structures, e.g. from the personnel area. The integration of IT for data retrieval is no longer necessary.


News & Updates

New release: SmartExporter Server Edition 2020 R1

The new version comes with the following features and enhancements:

  • SmartExporter Automation (SEA) now also allows the definition of storage locations to store files from asynchronous extractions, e.g. on a WebDAV server or via an Azure file service
  • Support for data extraction of tables of any width, e.g. BSEG, from SAP® systems
  • SEA supports SAP NetWeaver® RFC protocol
  • Read about more new features of SmartExporter Server Edition 2020 R1 here.

SmartExporter explain video

SmartExporter is the flexible way of providing data and reports from SAP®.

If you want to know how to apply this easy-to-use and reliable data extraction tool in your own company, watch our two-minute explanatory film. You will learn everything about the main functions and advantages of SmartExporter.